taking the mystery out of bookkeeping


Benefits to Your Business

  • No more hassle doing the books every weekend – wondering if you’ve done it right
  • Relax in confidence that your business records are compliant (as required by law)
  • Free-up your time for generating income, not keeping your books
  • Make informed business decisions
  • Keep on top of customer debts
  • Relieve you of bookkeeping and accounting functions to allow you to concentrate on your core business;
  • Save you money by reducing accounting fees

At Moriarty Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services, we offer our clients 2 payment methods: the more popular method of affordable Fixed Monthly Fees or by Hourly Rate.


Fixed Monthly Fees

When we have evaluated your business requirements, we will tailor a Fixed Monthly Fee plan that will enable us to provide you with a quality professional service; that you will find to be cost effective and affordable. Fees for clients can start from as little as £30 per month; which will enable you to manage the budget, without any nasty surprises. Should your business’s workload increase your Fixed Monthly Fee will not – as it is guaranteed for 12 months!


Hourly Rate

Clients who opt for this method, the rate charged is an agreed Hourly rate. This rate may be suitable for clients who have fallen behind with their bookkeeping and need the books brought up to date. For this type of work, it is difficult to provide a Fixed Monthly Fee quotation, so we charge by the hour till the accounts are brought up to date, after which the client can move on to the Fixed Monthly Fee method if they prefer. The client will know at the outset how many hours work it will take, depending on their business’s situation: So there will be no nasty surprises!


Other Costs

No extra charge for journeys up to 20 miles, after which 50p per mile will be levied.

No extra charge for phone calls and e-mails received and made on your behalf.


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