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Fixed Price Accounting Review For Your Business

Business Accounting Review

A lot of self-employed people do their own books and are confident that they’ve got it right and it’s all in order. That’s fine. Maybe you want to save on accountancy fees? We can help you save money! Or do you dread the hassle of doing the accounts because you think you’ve missed something?

Take advantage of our Business Accounting Review for a fixed price of £40.

I will use my skills and experience as a Qualified Professional Bookkeeper to get under the skin of your business and help you take control of the factors that drive your financial decisions. You will receive a comprehensive report detailing areas for improvement and how to implement a new accounting system. You will receive guided support in operating the new system and after it is up and running and you are confident in doing your own books, we are only a phone call or e-mail away to answer your queries.

There will be no Hard Sell and will be guided purely by your business needs, though if you decide that you would like me to help you, I would be happy to give you a competitive quotation.

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